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Monday, 9 January 2012

The history of bananas

Once upon a time thousands of years ago, there was standing in the middle of thousands of miles of jungle. A high building that blocked the view of the sun completely! And on the fourth floor there was a rather clumsy elephant who didn't seem to fit in with all the other workers. They thought he was unhygienic, fat, demanding and greedy, so they all around hated him. So he enjoyed having some alone time, and this was the perfect day. The sun was shinning brightly in his eyes and the birds were all perched comfortably in the trees. So he thought to himself "I'm going to have a nice stroll along the promenade"

Mean while in the jungle he started to feel rather hungry, and as he stared at his watch with patience trying to see what these mysterious symbols meant. But he got extremely frustrated so as usual he just assumed it was lunch time. He decided to set off and look for food, so he found a pear, but this pear had mysterious freckles all over it so that put him of completely.

After he found an apple, but he had an apple for breakfast that morning so he wasn't going to digest that again.

When it started to go dark he turned round and headed for home. But on his rout he found a species that he had never come across. Now, in those days there was no such thing as something being poisonous. So he picked up this type of yellow half crescent moon and scoffed it into his mouth. And after a few feet he started to spot bunches of these things, just dangling carelessly of trees. So he brought some back to work to show who he thought were his friends.

When he arrived he found bill the monkey singing a rather catchy song, it went sort of like this.

Ban ban the bana man,
Nana, bana, ban ban.

So you get what I mean and that is how the elephant got the name for his exotic.

The banana

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